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The affordably priced UIO 2 ($4.25 USD per month) plans are all propelled by one of the most cutting-edge cloud hosting platforms available on the current web hosting market. What's impressive here is that the cloud web hosting platform has been entirely made by Dominios y Alojamiento UIO. It's in-house built. And not only this. There are four data center facility locations this stunning cloud website hosting system is available at: in the States, in the UK, in Scandinavia and in Australia. You can also see the cloud hosting demo account - note the audio/video demonstrations located there. If you have no clue what cloud web page hosting in fact is, have a look at the web page hosting review.

Feature Overview UIO 2 Empresa Profesional Basico
Monthly Cost
Disk Storage 0.5 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting Traffic 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Hosted 1 Unlimited Unlimited 5
Domains Parked Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailbox Accounts 10 Unlimited Unlimited 500
FTPs 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
1-click Web Apps Installation Tool
Web Page Creation Tool
Free TLD Registration
Free Site Design Skins
Money Back Guarantee
Service Availability